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A Yuletide Messagefrom the Editor.




Our readers comprise senior politicians from a variety of nations, diplomats, top military commanders, servicemen & women from NATO and Allied Forces, Search & Rescue personnel: businessmen & women, public figures in film, fashion and the media – plus  thousands of other citizens across our globe that take an interest in political events & military operations. Every race, colour and creed view Defense Intelligence and support DIIA – a ‘Not for Profit’ organization.

The vast majority just want a peaceful world where parents can bring up their kids in safety: an environment where young people can make a better & more secure life for themselves through education, effort & hard work.

The problem is that evil terrorists wish to radicalize the young: inflict their warped philosophy on all of us by use of suicide bombs and other violent acts. Drug cartels and pushers bring misery to families and into schools purely for greed, power and profit: others use, abuse and traffic women & children. It’s a global plague.

Our Blue Planet has seen decades of war between nations: some conflicts necessary – others totally uncalled for. The United Nations have often been too slow to react to injustices – or vetoed into inaction by those who fear their power or profits could be reduced. Dictators still exist: disputes continue across continents.

Many politicians, other prominent groups and individuals have tried hard to bring about a peaceful world: racial and religious fanatics, right wing extremists, bigotry, a lack of education plus indifference to women’s rights, a widening gap between rich & poor and years of mistrust, misunderstanding and animosity between nations getting in the way of a successful outcome.

Now, as we are about to enter a New Year – 2017 – it would seem that ‘homo sapiens’ has not advanced far since Neolithic times. Man still wants to go around clubbing his neighbour over the head! In fact, the world is currently more unstable than it ever has been for many years: more dangerous to live in & there’s little sign of improvement on the horizon.

Recently however, it would seem that in many countries the average man (and woman) – fed up with years of broken promises from the old political establishment – have laid down their marker of protest. Donald Trump will now be the next President of the United States. The United Kingdom – having finally lost patience with Brussels laws & regulations - is in the process of leaving the European Union after 30 years and similar noises are beginning to surface in other member States. Hard man Duterte sweeps to victory in a Philippine election and tips normal foreign relations on its head: the list of ‘surprise’ global political events that have recently surfaced – too numerous to list. Maybe this change of direction brings hope for the future.

And so in this somewhat insecure and unpredictable scenario, I especially wish all servicemen & women - those unable to be with their families at this festive time due to conflict deployment or overseas assisting in humanitarian response to man-made and natural disasters – and of course our many supporters .....

A (no doubt politically incorrect)


Luzminda Baterina

DIIA S.E Asia Asc. Editor

Defense Intelligence